The slot machine odds

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The slot machine odds

Slots are the most commonly played games in casinos and have the best chance of winning. The problem is, there are tons of different slots and not all of them are good online games. This makes the selection of online games with the best casino chance of winning seem almost endless, especially for newcomers.

Therefore, we have put together a small selection of slots with the best slot machine odds exclusively for you. The “Best Online Games” label includes the slots “Simsalabim” and “Blood Suckers” from the well-known game developer NetEnt, as well as the popular classic “Rage to Riches” from Play’n Go. And no matter which of these online games you choose, all of these slots have an RTP of over 96% – and thus the best casino chances of winning.

“Return to Player” means “back to the player” and describes the payout ratio of a slot. First of all, we can state that only slots with a high RTP can really call themselves the best online games. And only good online games provide the cool thrill of gaming that you can only find at the best online casinos with the best slot machine odds. 

Variance is the keyword when looking for the best casino chance of winning. Like all casino games, good online games are characterized by a standard deviation from the expected result – also known as variance. Although it has no direct influence on the win rate, it does on the short-term probability of winning. The best online games can bring you mega-cool profits so quickly!

Let’s take another step back, namely to the “Return to Player” just mentioned. As already explained, the standard payout would be 95 cents with an RTP of 95%. This means that on average you would get 95 cents back for a € 1 stake. But that’s just the theory. In reality, the result of every single game is sometimes smaller and sometimes larger. So the best chances of winning are not necessarily associated with a high RTP.

Effect of variance on slot machine odds:

  1. Low variance: Good online games promise a cool profit here, but smaller amounts.
  2. High variance: Not only among the best online games, you will lose your stake more often. However, if you do win, the amount you win is usually much higher.

It is important that in both cases the slot machine chance of winning is always the same, but if you play the best online games with a high variance, you have a very good chance of making the big catch at the end of a short round super fast. Big profits or not, the most important thing is the fun of the adventure. 

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