2022 Halloween Themed Online Slots

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2022 Halloween Themed Online Slots

Halloween is a popular holiday reflected in movies, games and slots. Ghosts, zombies, skeletons, vampires, werewolves and many other mystical creatures are used as the main symbols for themed slot machines. Generally, Halloween themed slots are five-reel and have a large number of pay lines.

Now you can see that Halloween slots are great fun for players. Developers try to use symbolic themes for their slots as often as possible. In my selection, the slots are filtered by their theoretical return rate.This means that you have a good chance of winning. However, make sure that you like the slot not just on the technical side as far as RTP figures are concerned.

You should like it visually as well. That is, make sure that the graphics of the slot are at a high level. Some players prefer to choose slots based on bonus rounds and prize options. I've done that for you. Here are the most interesting slots in terms of bonus games.

Halloween themed slots, as mentioned above, use the main attributes of the holiday. The developers try to be fully consistent with the chosen theme. However, few people know that most of the symbols used in these games are the same. Images of a Pumpkin, Witch or Skeleton, for example, can mean one thing - there's a special symbol in front of you. They can act as Wild, Scatter or Bonus.However, keep in mind that these pictures may have different purposes. And the secondary symbols can be the Broom, the Black Cat, the Ghost or card symbols. Once you know the most common symbols, you can easily distinguish Halloween themed slots from any other game.

As you may have already noticed I have selected slots that in my opinion meet all the characteristics. However, some users choose other games. Therefore, here is another short list of those slots that are popular with other players:

  1. Halloween Fortune

  2. Happy Halloween

  3. Halloween Jack

  4. Dark Vortex

  5. Helloween

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