2022 Aliens Themed Online Slots

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2022 Aliens Themed Online Slots

An encounter with aliens stirs the human mind. It is akin to the wonder of the world. Many people dream about it, but many fear it. After all, no one knows what an encounter with aliens will do to people. There are many hypotheses and some scientific facts about other minds. However, meeting with them has not yet succeeded.

In Aliens themed slots, you can lift the veil of the unknown and see with your own eyes how the aliens are represented by the developers. You can go to outer space with a research expedition, or just collecting their accessories begin to hunt for aliens. It all depends on your preferences, and leave the stories to the developers, who see the alien world in their way. I found it hard to find decent Aliens themed slots because there are so many that you can get confused. However, by putting together all the pieces of my criteria I succeeded and now you can see these slots.

This selection of Alien themed slots is worthy of your attention and perusal. The thing is, I've selected each game according to a few criteria that are fundamental when choosing slots at an online casino.

The first factor, and the most important, is RTP. The higher this figure is, the better your chances to win and stay in the black over a short distance. The second criterion was prize options and bonus rounds. Agree that you wouldn't play a slot that doesn't have any interesting bonus features. The third point is the graphics. I like those games in which all the pictures and symbols are traced and look more than modern. And the fourth factor was the soundtrack. Great music combined with all of the above criteria makes the slots more than suitable for playing.

It's not hard to guess that in the Alien themed slots, the main symbols will be the aliens themselves. However, in addition to this, some different pictures help trigger various bonus options. Let's look at a couple of examples to give you an idea of how things stand:

  • Alien, Spaceship, Astronaut, Blaster are mostly special images. They can act as Wild, Scatter or Bonus. They usually trigger bonus rounds, free spins, or simply bring special prize payouts

  • Crystals, Planets, Asteroids, Various Innovative Devices, Card symbols play the role of simple symbols. They bring the usual payouts when they form paying sequences on the playing field.

Alien themed slots are capable of turning your image upside down once you get to know a few of the top developers' slots. In player circles, there are a few of the most popular games that are most in-demand and these include:

  1. Space Adventure

  2. Cosmic Eclipse

  3. Max Damage

  4. Cowboys & Aliens

  5. Reactoonz

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